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LevelsGoogle Optimization (1 Week performance required)
RequirementsConversion code on Success/Thankyou page
Level 1 – KeywordsKeywords(KW) Review (Review Search term Report – STR)
Kw1 – KW MAtch Typechange KW match type to phrase or exact match as per STR
Kw2 – KW removalremove/pause KW with irrelevent STR or clicks but no conversions
Kw3 – KW Additionadd relevant KW from searh terms report or high converting terms
Kw4 – KW negativesadd most irrelevent terms from STR to -ve
Level 2 – Bid ChangesIncrease or decrease bids
B1 – GroupIncrease bids for performing ad-group
B2 – GenderIncrease bids for high converting gender group
B3 – AgeIncrease bids for high converting age range
B4 – HourAd scheduling – spend highly on high converting days
B5 – Locationlocation – bid highly on high converting locations
B6 – Devicedevice – bid high on converting device & low on non-converting
Level 3 – Quality & Ad RankQuality scores(QS) of more than 6 for all the keywords (1-10 QS)
QS1 – ad relevancymake a relevant & Excellent Ad copy to achieve above-average (3) QS
QS2 – CTRbid higher initially to get more than 10% CT to achieve above average(3) QS
QS3 – LPEspeed, mobile, keywords, engagement, low bounce rate, CTA text & button & solution driven (3) QS
QS4 – Extensionskeep more than 4 ad extensions (1) QS
Level 4 – Bid StrategyApply the suitable bid strategy for the accounts
BS1 – Max clicksMax clicks with bid limit
BS2 – Man. CPCMan. Cpc for keyword & adgroup bids
BS3 – Max ConversionTarget CPA (desired conv. cost) for Google based optimization conv. optimization
BS4 – MAx Con. ValueAssign a ROAS value
BS5 – Target imp. shareImpression Share for highest ad visibility
level 5 – opt Score & Auto applyNever adopt random auto recommendation & keep opt score of more than 90%
Level 6 – NetworkRemove search or Display partner Network
Level 7 – Audienceadd audience list or use different audience to narrow the ads visibility
Google Ads Campaign Optimization

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