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What is media planning & why is it important ?

Media planning is the procedure by which marketers develop a strategy to direct an advertising campaign. In truth, a media plan is the foundation of any effective marketing strategy to maximize return on investment (ROI).

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3 Step Media Plan Creation Process.

1. Media Plan Summary & Requirements

- Understanding Media Plan Requirements.
- Decide Ad Platforms (Ex. Google & FB for Lead Generation).
- Plan Duration (1 Month)
- Target Locations (India)
- Monthly Budget (2 Lakh for Google Ads + 1 Lakh for FB Ads)
- Review Competitors using keywords on Google Search
- Follow Step 2 of media planning Process

2. Keywords Research & Bidding

- Go to Keywords Planner Tool
- search with root words (neet course, jee course)
- Review keywords search volume, top & low range bid
- Download 20-30 relevant kewwords
- Calculate the average bidding using the mean formula
- Use the Average bidding(CPC) to create media plan

3. Media Plan Creation Process

- add avg. bidding(cpc) amount in the sheet.
- Calculate total clicks using formula (cost/cpc)
- Use standard search impression rate of 6%
- Calculate impression using formula (CTR=Clicks/impressions)
- Use standard 4% Conversion rate in the sheet
- Calculate leads/conversions using formula (Conversions=6%*clicks)
- Calculate cost per lead as cost/leads
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